Crate Rental for Moving

The Perfect Solution for Self Packing

In preparation for your office move, it’s important that your employees are adequately prepared for their portion of the relocation process.  They will need to pack all of the active files and documents necessary for supporting your organization’s daily business processes and operations.  This may also include product and equipment manuals as well as their office and workstation supplies.  They may also be required to pack departmental files, product manuals and personal items.  Professional Office Movers’ crate rental service provides an easy, convenient solution for your office move.

Durable, Economical Protection for Office Files

Unlike traditional cardboard boxes, our reusable crates are made out of durable plastic.  A self locking system eliminates the need for messy tape and saves your employees valuable time.  Our crates offer the following advantages:

Eliminates The Need for Procuring Boxes

Crush Proof

Cost Effective

Eliminates Heavy Lifting

Protects Contents from Moisture

Environmentally Friendly


Convenient Delivery and Pickup

Prior to your move, Professional Office Movers provides you with a site survey to determine the number of crates necessary for your move.  Your crates will be delivered directly to your office by one of our relocation specialists.  They arrive conveniently stacked on dollies to enable easy distribution amongst departments, floors and staff.  We even provide your staff with optimized packing tips and methods.

Your crates come with labels to provide easy identification of your office inventory.  In order to protect files that may have a confidential and/or private nature we provide zip ties for additional security.  This is especially beneficial to organizations requiring HIPAA compliance.  Once you are finished with your crates, a Professional Office Mover relocation specialist will remove them from your facility. 

Our crate rental service allows you the flexibility and convenience of self packing while reducing overhead costs associated with purchasing, assembling and sealing corrugated cardboard boxes.  Time after time, it’s proven to be an effective solution for our Southern Michigan clients in the following industries:

Healthcare and Research



Information Technology



Industrial Manufacturing


Support Services

Professional Office Movers’ provides a comprehensive suite of support services to help facilitate the smoothest move possible for our clients.  We strive to understand your business so that we can devise a combination of solutions for every aspect of your relocation.  As a result, clients throughout Southern Michigan rely on us to provide turnkey commercial move services that afford continued productivity during the relocation process.

Move Project Management

A successful office move requires more than hiring a company with labor and trucks.  It entails exact planning and a precisely organized process.  Even a single office business has numerous aspects and factors that need to be considered in the event of a move.

Packing & Move Preparation

An office move can be an enormous undertaking for even the most organized company.  There are numerous details that involve the movement of personnel, products and equipment, to name a few. 

Professional Office Movers