Short Term Goods Storage

Short Term Goods Storage

Short term storage can be driven by a variety of circumstances which includes the need for temporary staging to accommodate renovation or construction timeframes.  Professional Office Movers operates one of the largest commercial warehouses in Southern Michigan to accommodate these unique needs for our clients.  Whether you need us to handle the entirety of your organization’s relocation or simply require a secure and efficient short term repository solution, we’ll provide you with a thorough and cost effective solution.  We offer short term storage for the following items:

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FFE)

Modular Office Systems

Fulfillment Inventory

Business Records

Medical and Laboratory Equipment


Information Technology Equipment

A Single Sourced Storage Solution

We offer expert storage management for any level of complexity.  Our project management team can help maximize the resources needed for successful storage and distribution. As a result, your organization can reap the following benefits:

Security of Business Assets

Climate Controlled Preservation

Complete Inventory Control

Single Sourced Storage and Delivery

Extensive relationships with office equipment and furniture dealers and manufacturers allow us to receive shipments directly to our warehouse for short term storage and eventual delivery to your facility.  Copies of receiving reports and packing slips are forwarded directly to key staff within your organization to support auditing processes. We will handle both the direct coordination of these logistics as well as the following supplemental services:

Cleaning and Refurbishment

Space Planning

Installation and Reconfiguration

Short Term Storage In Lieu of Liquidation

Security Controlled Access & Computerized Inventory Control

Access to our facility is limited to only screened and authorized team members and equipped with the state of the art security and fire protection systems.  Each item received at our facility is thoroughly inspection and meticulously labeled for identification and tracking.  Subsequently, each item is added and indexed within our inventory control database and shelved in a location that allows for easy and quick accessibility.  Our strict quality control process facilitates accuracy and efficiency.

There are several delivery options for your inventory, including expedited service. At the time of request each item is carefully handled, inspected and professionally wrapped for transport.  They’re then placed on one of our GPS tracked vehicles for safe delivery to your facility.

Storage & Distribution Services

As Southern Michigan’s premier commercial relocation company we offer our clients a full suite of storage and distribution services.  We understand that each organization has a unique set of requirements and needs which often requires specialized expertise.  Our experience providing thousands of corporate relocations serving a wide range of industries, allows us to provide customized product storage, receiving, sorting and distributions solutions to meet even the most complex and challenging logistical scenarios.

Household Goods

Our turnkey residential services provide either short term or long term storage for your household goods.  From pickup to final delivery we make sure that your valuables are handled and protected in the most professional manner.

Warehouse Dock Receiving

Our fully equipped docks allow for the convenient loading and unloading of commercial vehicles.  We offer a thorough inspection and inventory process for our clients.

Commercial Product & Inventory Management

Our turnkey solutions provide for the management of every aspect of your relocation, from vendor coordination to asset liquidation services.  It allows you to maintain your productivity before, during and after the transfer process.

Commercial Self Storage

We feature self storage units in a variety of sizes to accommodate your specific needs.  Our commercial self storage services allow for a convenient and cost effective solution for the storage of supplies, product and furniture.

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