Office Furniture Storage & Delivery

Temporary or Long Term Storage Solutions

As Southern Michigan’s premier commercial relocation company, we serve a broad spectrum of clients with a diverse set of needs and specifications.  Various scenarios will dictate the need for either temporary or long term storage.  Some clients may simply not have the proper space for excess furniture inventory while others, in the midst of various stages of site readiness, may need a temporary yet secure and reliable storage solution.  No matter what the reason, Professional Office Movers will provide the right storage solution for your needs.

Storage & Delivery Excellence

The same priority we place on planning in our relocation services is applied to our furniture storage and delivery services.  Our project management team will conduct an on-site survey to ascertain your specific organizational needs and timeframes.  From the coordination of complex multiphase relocation, installation and reconfiguration projects to simple new furniture deliveries, we apply strict attention to detail and timely service. The benefits of our storage and delivery services include the following:

Security of Furniture Assets

Climate Controlled Preservation

Cost Effectiveness

Thorough Inventory Control

Convenient, On Demand Delivery

State of The Art Furniture Warehousing

We operate one of the largest furniture warehouses in Southern Michigan, equipped with state of the art security and fire protection systems.  Access is limited to only our screened and authorized team members.  A computerized inventory control system tracks each piece of your furniture inventory.  Each item is inspected and labeled for complete tracking.  New furniture items can be received directly from furniture manufacturers and distributors to our storage warehouse.  Copies of receiving reports and packing slips are forwarded directly to key staff within your organization.

Scheduled & Expedited Delivery Services

Our clients are provided with expedited delivery options to meet time sensitive requests.  Prior to delivery each item is professionally retrieved from its location within our warehouse.  The item is then physically inspected in order to verify any changes in condition since being stored.  Your furniture asset’s request status is also verified within our database.  To assure protection and security during transfer, we carefully pad and wrap each item.  Additional packaging or crating may be utilized for oversized or fragile pieces.  Your inventory is then placed on one of our GPS tracked, specially designed vehicles for safe and secure transport and delivered and placed within your facility.

Whether you have new or used furniture requiring either temporary off-site staging or more long term needs, Professional Office Mover’s provides you with secure, efficient and cost effective storage and transportation solutions. 

Office Furniture Services

As Southern Michigan’s premier office moving specialist, Professional Office Movers also offers our clients a complete suite of office furniture services.  Based on your organization’s specific needs we can help design a comprehensive strategy that allows for the acquisition, liquidation, installation, or refurbishment of office furniture systems.  We offer you a thorough knowledge of furniture brands, systems and designs to help you choose the right solution.

Office Furniture Decommissioning

The decommissioning of corporate assets is a time consuming and laborious process.  In the event of an office move – comprised of numerous details, small and large – the effort and resources necessary to dispose of no longer needed equipment assets can hinder your organization’s productivity.  Professional Office Movers takes the onus off of your staff by handling the complete decommissioning process for you.  We offer our clients the most cost effective and efficient strategy for disposing of surplus office items.

High Density File System Installations

High density file systems are important for maximizing space but can be challenging to install and maintain.  Their installation requires a highly specialized skill set and must take into consideration things like floor load, access and safety.  Our file system experts will analyze your facility and provide you with an efficient and safe installation.

Professional Office Movers