Office Moves

Office Move Experience, Expertise & Precision

Moving an entire office requires more than just manpower.  It means meticulous attention to detail, extensive planning, and knowledge of all of an organization’s systems and components.  No matter where in Southern Michigan you’re relocating business to, you need an experienced and skilled professional team to ensure an uninterrupted transition into your new office environment.

Nowadays, the stakes are high.  Every ounce of productivity enhances your competitive edge.  You simply cannot afford the organizational disruptions and downtime that come with the typical move.  Professional Office Movers understands that your business’s productivity is dependent on a quick and safe relocation.

We Consider Every Factor for A Successful Move

We provide you with industry experience and wherewithal to guarantee a successful move for your organization.  We always consider the painstaking minutia that much of the competition fails to acknowledge.  It includes looking at factors that even you may not recognize can affect the success of your office relocation:

Building Layout & Access

Workstation Tracking

IT Connectivity

Route Traffic To & From Your Destination

Excess Inventory

Corporate Inventory Security

With these variables and numerous others in mind, Professional Office Movers will provide you with a customized move plan for organizing, managing and coordinating all aspects of your commercial relocation.  Throughout the duration of your project, you are provided with a single point of contact to ensure that pre-move plans are precisely followed and executed.  Should you need additional help with an additional project along the way, we will be always there to assist you.

Our Past Move Knowledge LeadsTo Future Relocation Success

As Southern Michigan’s premier office moving company, we’ve worked with a variety of clients across a wide swath of industries in both the public and private sector.  It’s this extensive experience that allows us to customize each move to the unique needs of our customers.  Our employees are specially trained so that they understand the intricacies and nuances of each organization.

Over the years we’ve listened, learned and refined our processes to offer our clients a comprehensive suite of corporate relocation services.  It allows your organization to focus on its core competencies for the duration of the move so that not a drop of productivity is lost.  These are just a few of the services we provide with any corporate office move:

Packing & Unpacking of High Value IT Equipment

Cubicle & Modular System Assembly & Disassembly

High Density File Installation

Packing & Labeling Training for Personnel

Crating of Artwork or Sensitive Items

Office Equipment Disposal & Liquidation

Packing & Storage of Supply Rooms & Archival Libraries

Building Management Coordination

Crate Rental – The Perfect Solution for Self Packing

In preparation for your office move, it’s important that your employees are adequately prepared for their portion of the relocation process.  They will need to pack all of the active files and documents necessary for supporting your organization’s daily business processes and operations.  This may also include product and equipment manuals as well as their office and workstation supplies.  They may also be required to pack departmental files, product manuals and personal items.  Professional Office Movers’ crate rental service provides an easy, convenient solution for your office move.

Durable, Economics Protection for Office Files

Unlike traditional cardboard boxes, our reusable crates are made out of durable plastic.  A self locking system eliminates the need for messy tape and saves your employees valuable time.  Our crates offer the following advantages:

Eliminates The Need for Procuring Boxes

Crush Proof

Cost Effective

Eliminates Heavy Lifting

Protects Contents from Moisture

Environmentally Friendly


Convenient Delivery & Pickup

Prior to your move, Professional Office Movers provides you with a site survey to determine the number of crates necessary for your move.  Your crates will be delivered directly to your office by one of our relocation specialists.  They arrive conveniently stacked on dollies to enable easy distribution amongst departments, floors and staff.  We even provide your staff with optimized packing tips and methods.

Your crates come with labels to provide easy identification of your office inventory.  In order to protect files that may of a confidential and/or private nature we provide zip ties for additional security.  This is especially beneficial to organizations requiring HIPAA compliance.  Once you are finished with your crates, a Professional Office Mover relocation specialist will remove them from your facility.

Our crate rental service allows you the flexibility and convenience of self packing while reducing overhead costs associated with purchasing, assembling and sealing corrugated cardboard boxes.  Time after time, it’s proven to be an effective solution for our Southern Michigan clients in the following industries:

Healthcare & Research



Information Technology



Industrial Manufacturing


Commercial Moving Services

Relocating your business is a huge undertaking that involves attention to the most minute and cumbersome details.  And there’s no specific “out of the box solution” that can be applied to every organization.  Every business has specific needs requiring specialized service and expertise.  However, one thing is for sure:  minimizing disruptions to your staff and down time to your operation is imperative to your relocation.  Professional Office Movers offers custom tailored commercial moving services throughout southern Michigan that ensures corporate relocation success.

File Room & File System Moves

At some point, during the course of your organization’s lifespan, you may have to redesign or reconfigure your current file storage capabilities.  Or, you may simply outgrow your current structure and need to move your file room altogether.  Whether part of an overall commercial office relocation or internal expansion and construction, you require professionals who understand the dynamics and details of file room design and management.  Professional Office Movers offers our clients extensive expertise in file room and file system moves.

Hotel, Hospitality, New Construction & Renovation

Complexity and time sensitivity and challenging logistics mark the demands of a hospital or hotel renovation.  A keen emphasis needs to be placed on tracking inventory while coordinating various vendor services. Professional Office Movers is experienced in each facet of hotel and hospital distribution and retrofit.

Library Moves & Relocation

Library collections, by their nature, are optimally organized and arranged for efficient location. A misplaced or misfiled item can hinder the overall operation. As a result, the move of a library collection is unlike any other relocation. Without strict adherence to overall organizational structure of the collection during the packing, transportation and unpacking process, there’s an increased chance of patrons being unable to find information when the move is complete. Therefore, a library relocation has little room for error.

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