Hotel, Hospitality, New Construction & Renovation

Single Source Hotel & Hospitality Solutions

Complexity and time sensitivity and challenging logistics mark the demands of a hospital or hotel renovation.  A keen emphasis needs to be placed on tracking inventory while coordinating various vendor services. Professional Office Movers is experienced in each facet of hotel and hospital distribution and retrofit.  As a trusted provider to the hospitality and healthcare industry, we provide our clients the following services:

Specialized Packing & Crating


Asset Management

Receiving, Transfer & Distribution To Multiple Locations

Warehouse Consolidation & Storage

Freight & Inventory Management

Disposal & Recycling

Dedicated Hospitality Project Management

Over the years, Professional Office Movers has proved to be an indispensable partner to Southern Michigan’s hotel and hospitality industry.  Our move teams are intimately familiar with the nuances of hotel construction and retrofits.  We offer full service relocation services that allow our clients to continue to focus on their customers and maintain a non-disruptive atmosphere in the midst of renovation projects.  The following specialized solutions are tailored specifically to our hospitality partners:

Inspection & Delivery of Furniture, Fixtures, & Electronics (FF&E)

Room Setup & Installation

Inventory Control & Tracking

Unpacking & Furniture Assembly

Wall Mount Product Services

Debris Pickup

An Integral Partner To Healthcare

During the move of a hospital facility it is crucial to manage the each step to ensure a patient ready facility.  As the go to provider of commercial relocation services in Southern Michigan we provide specialized service for the following healthcare entities:


Ambulatory Centers

Medical Clinics

Doctors Offices

Retirement Homes

Outpatient Centers

Commercial Moving Services

Relocating your business is a huge undertaking that involves attention to the most minute and cumbersome details.  And there’s no specific “out of the box solution” that can be applied to every organization.  Every business has specific needs requiring specialized service and expertise.  However, one thing is for sure:  minimizing disruptions to your staff and down time to your operation is imperative to your relocation.  Professional Office Movers offers custom tailored commercial moving services throughout Southern Michigan that ensures corporate relocation success.

Office Moves

Moving an entire office requires more than just manpower.  It means meticulous attention to detail, extensive planning, and knowledge of all of an organization’s systems and components.  No matter where in Southern Michigan you’re relocating business to, you need an experienced and skilled professional team to ensure an uninterrupted transition into your new office environment.

File Room & File System Moves

At some point, during the course of your organization’s lifespan, you may have to redesign or reconfigure your current file storage capabilities.  Or, you may simply outgrow your current structure and need to move your file room altogether.  Whether part of an overall commercial office relocation or internal expansion and construction, you require professionals who understand the dynamics and details of file room design and management.  Professional Office Movers offers our clients extensive expertise in file room and file system moves.

Library Moves & Relocation

Library collections, by their nature, are optimally organized and arranged for efficient location. A misplaced or misfiled item can hinder the overall operation. As a result, the move of a library collection is unlike any other relocation. Without strict adherence to overall organizational structure of the collection during the packing, transportation and unpacking process, there’s an increased chance of patrons being unable to find information when the move is complete. Therefore, a library relocation has little room for error.

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