Move Project Management

A successful office move requires more than hiring a company with labor and trucks.  It entails exact planning and a precisely organized process.  Even a single office business has numerous aspects and factors that need to be considered in the event of a move. Those needs become exponentially greater for larger organizations.  Michigan Office Movers provides detailed move project management services to enable organizations of all types and sizes a seamless and efficient relocation.

Planning & Communication

We understand that planning and communication are keys to a successful move.  Additionally, we understand that you want your move completed in the least amount of time so that there’s no lost operating time for your organization.  That’s why during your move we provide you with a single point of contact who handles every detail and facilitates and coordinates all processes.  Your Professional Office Mover designated project manager will take the onus off you and your staff so you can maintain productivity.  Our consultative approach accounts for every aspect of the move process.  We take care of the following for you:

Site Preparation, Protection and Security

Pre-Move Preparation Training

Asset Management

Vendor Coordination

Departmental Move Scheduling

Asset Liquidation

Extensive Relocation Experience

Years of experience allows us to tackle even the most complex of projects with personalized service and precise attention to detail.  Whether you’re moving your small business locally within a corporate office complex or transferring your business operations between municipalities, our turnkey solutions are customized to provide you with the best relocation possible.  This includes providing you with all of the resources you may need access to before, during and after your move.  We plan, organize and manage every step of your relocation including:

Site Decommission

Coordinating Schedules with Designers and Decorators

Organizing Maintenance and Repair Crews

Temporary and Long Term Storage

Receiving of New Office Furniture

Document Destruction

Office Systems Layout and Reconfiguration

Debris Pickup and Cleaning

For All Your Relocation Needs

There’s no other commercial relocation specialist throughout southern Michigan that offers such a comprehensive suite office move management solutions.  From an initial assessment and site survey to a variety of post move services, our relocation team oversees all aspects of your commercial move including:

Logistical Plan Development

Professional Packing

Modular Furniture Disassembly and Installation

Commercial Inventory Management

Specialized Equipment Handling

Information Technology Services

Support Services

Professional Office Movers’ provides a comprehensive suite of support services to help facilitate the smoothest move possible for our clients.  We strive to understand your business so that we can devise a combination of solutions for every aspect of your relocation.  As a result, clients throughout Southern Michigan rely on us to provide turnkey commercial move services that afford continued productivity during the relocation process.

Packing & Move Preparation

An office move can be an enormous undertaking for even the most organized company.  There are numerous details that involve the movement of personnel, products and equipment, to name a few. 

Crate Rental for Moving

In preparation for your office move, it’s important that your employees are adequately prepared for their portion of the relocation process.  They will need to pack all of the active files and documents necessary for supporting your organization’s daily business processes and operations.

Professional Office Movers